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Pslam 127:1 "Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain."

I have to make more of an effort to allow for the Lord to take over situations. Sometimes, in my immaturity I fail to allow the Lord into situations, even big situations, and they end up failing simply because I never allowed the Lord to play a part in them. If I am not inviting the Lord into something I cant wait around expecting to be blessed by Him. If the Lord isn't my center of all things I am simply being foolish.
 I tend to worry a lot and I neglect to give that worry over to that Lord. The Lord cant bless the situations in which I don't invite His loving grace and mercy into. Even while being fully aware that I am able to do absolutely nothing in my own strength I forget, I try and attempt to do it on my own for one reason or another, usually because I am impatient. Thats another thing that I tend to forget to hand over the Lord, my lack of patience. On the other hand I might be scared to pray for more patients because I know the Lord will be faithful to bring something into my life that I be taught patience through because He is faithful to hear us and faithful to teach us to be more like Him.
 To do something in vain it to do something without success or without a result. If we are being told that we labor in vain without accepting the Lord into situations how could we not want Him there. If the Lord tells us in this verse that unless the Lord builds the house we will have no results how can we not believe that. Unless the Lord builds someones faith, unless the Lord builds a friendship, unless the Lord builds a relationship it will be nice for a season but will have no results further, it will not be successful.


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