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Colossians 1:21-23

Steadfast. Being and staying steadfast. steadfastness has always been one of my bigger if not my biggest struggle. Being patient and waiting on the Lord and His perfect timing is where I tend to fall and slip up the most. “Okay God, if you aren't going to come through for me I’ll just have to do it myself because I know better.” When I go outside of the will of God and I blatantly decide to do things in my own timing that is basically what I am saying to God. I am saying that “God, Your plans aren't good enough for me I want more than what you have to offer me”. In Nehemiah, we are told how he has this great desire to go help in Jerusalem and you know what he does? He waits, he waits for 4 months, tells nobody of His struggle, he only bring it to God through prayer. Eventually, the Lord bring the situation around where He talks to the King and the King releases him from the duties of a cupbearer to go and help the people of Jerusalem. Nehemiah didn't get tired of waiting o…

Matthew 13:45-46

I really do enjoy this parable, the parable of the merchant and the pearl. The Lord is comparing the Kingdom of Heaven to a pearl and how this merchant sold everything that he had to have this one pearl. How much more so should we be willing to sell everything that we own for God and His Glory? How much more so Should I be willing to drop everything, leave everything behind, for His names sake? The more I sit here and really think about it the longer the list gets, the list of things that the Lord is asking me to give up that I am not letting go of. My knuckles are white from grasping these things for so long and I am tired of it. I even allow worries to hold me back. Worries of my future, worries about my family, worries about pretty much anything that I can worry about. But an amazing thing that we receive from the Lord is to cast all of our burdens on Him. Psalm 55:22 “Cast your burdens on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved.” The Lord …